Let’s Go Sledding!

Looking for something to do on this snowy weekend?  Arlington Insider Readers Posted their Favorite Sledding Spot:

Columbia Commons: in the back of building 5100, kids enjoy going down the hill. It’s a nice hill located at 5100 South 8th Rd. in Arlington, VA.
– Edna

Jamestown School: My kid’s favorite sledding spot is the long hill behind Jamestown School. We have also sledded on the steep hill behing McKinley School (we call it killer hill), and the Reed school slopes.
– William

Tuckahoe Park: The field next to the park and the school. Place your sled at the top of the hill , next to Sycamore street and sled down onto the field.
– Sandra

Lubber Run Park: the paved trail that leads from the top of the amphitheatre down to the stream bank. Moderately steep, fairly long run and the stream at the bottom of the run make for excitement.
– Ritch

Nottingham Elementary: wicked fast and fun.
– Kevin

Hayes Street Hill: Back in the day, in south Arlington, down the Hayes St. hill, from Fort Scott Drive to 26th Street, or maybe beyond to 25th street, and – if the snow was especially fast – all the way to 24th Street. An absolutely amazing hill, enthralling if you will, without exaggeration. And the physical nature of the Hayes hill street itself, as well as other streets intersecting or adjoining the street have not changed significantly..
– Douglas

Lubber Run Community Center: Hill behind the playground at Lubber Run community center 300 N Park Rd. Very Steep!.
– Lisa/em>

Jamestown Elementary: The hill from the playing field at Jamestown Elementary that goes down to N Dickerson St..
– Julie

Glencarlyn Park: There’s a hill in Glencarlyn park we all sled down on and have for the last 40 years. We pack it down, bank it and then have a ball going down it.
– Lynn

HB Woodlawn: formerly Stratford Jr. High (I know, that dates me!).
– nancy

Ashlawn Elementary: Our favorite sledding hill is the park behind Ashlawn Elementary. Great hill in all snow conditions..
– Daniel

Reed School Hill  – Bill

HB Woodlawn : is hot for sledding, with the perfecting landing of a big soccer field.
– Robert

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