Recent Poll Shows All Four Arlington High Schools in Top 1/2% in the Nation

Newsweek just came out with their annual ranking of high schools which  places all four Arlington Public Schools high schools in the top one-half percent of high schools in the United States. Rankings are determined by using The Washington Post Challenge Index, which uses the number of Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and/or Cambridge tests taken at a school divided by the total number of graduating seniors.  The results for the Arlington schools were:

H-B Woodlawn – ranked #36 (with a rating of 5.25);

Washington-Lee – ranked #67 (with a rating of 4.321);

Yorktown – ranked #98 (with a rating of 3.809); and

Wakefield – ranked #125 (with a rating of 3.5). 

For the Arlington press release go to this link.  Or click here for the complete Newsweek article.

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